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How Lunch Hub Works...

order and pay for school lunches online and other items/activities from the comfort of your home, using visa mastercard
Step 1: Register 
  • Parents get login details and a password to login via computers, tablets or mobile devices 
Step 2: deposit funds 
  • This can be done via, credit card, EFT or via the website using a third party payment provider
  • Cash can also be deposited at the school till
step 3: order and pay 
  • Order school lunches in advance, set dietary restrictions and limits, also allowing the parent to decide what and when 
  • Order and pay online for other auxiliary services and events ie. school fees, books and school uniform
  • Students present their school student card/finger bio metrics to pay for purchase using topped up funds
step 4: view and change orders
  • Parents can view, cancel, change or manage orders 
  • view online reports and monitor child's spending 
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