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Lunch Hub transforms the way schools workplaces and food services providers process orders and payments online, offering a simple solution for everyday tasks...

Reduces admin and cash-handling 

  • Lunch Hub's online ordering and cashless payments solutions allows parents to order and pay for student lunches and other services online. Students use their existing student school ID cards to pay at the tuckshop, uniform and bookshop
  • Less or no cash is kept on the school premises, less ''bullying'' and the school being targeted by criminals 

Customised around the needs of the school 

  • Lunch Hub's POS is designed around the needs of the school and can be integrated into other school systems, such as student management/access control systems
  • Lunch Hub is actively developed and installed in South Africa. We are locally based and can install remotely or have someone on site - Depending on your preference!
  • Lunch Hub's cloud based platform can be used in any environment, making it easier for schools. Whether at the tuck shop, book shop, uniform shop and other school auxiliary services or events... thus streamlining the ordering, payment and processing of all school activities
  • Lunch Hub is licenced per point of sale, but allows the school to charge the parent a monthly fee. This allows the school to recover the cost of the system.

Reduces queues

  • Parents can order and pay for school lunches or other school services via online ordering or through cashless student cards or finger biometrics (suitable for senior students). 
  • Parents have access 24/7 to ordering and payment systems that can be accessed from their cellphones, tablets or computer reducing the need for parents to visit the school

Saves time and money 

  • Staff and volunteers can save hours a day, by removing paper orders and cash handling cash with the school environment... helping staff focus on their valuable time and spend less time on the admin associated with collecting cash